And not only does she use human figure, but other figures as well in her exploration of the forces that move the universe. In her recent works we find galloping white horses that could very well be a reference to apocalypse, a symbol of changing times. But in her painting they appear as a more immediate depiction of the forces of nature, represented by a crashing wave from which they appear to emerge, powered by the same force that gives origin to the wave itself. Motion then becomes a living element in the painting. Horses and ocean become one and they move at the same pace, and become one with the movement, therefore they turn increasingly abstract.


Aqua Equs

Caballo Panzon

Aqua PV

ICaballito Edy



El Sueño de la Sirena


Caballos Griegos

Equs Igneus

Atardecer Equino

I001 Equs Torreblanca

IAqua Equs

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